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Adrienne Westfall has been a well-respected Real Estate professional and businesswoman in Los Cabos since 2005, and a second-generation industry expert; her father started in the business in Los Cabos in 1991 when her family relocated to Los Cabos full time for a better way of life. Adrienne is a true Real Estate specialist, with first-hand experience in sales, closings, loan processing, operations, sales management, start-ups, investments, development sales, HOA management, property management, rental management, a business partner, and now, a business owner.

Adrienne has worked with almost every real estate broker and agent in town (at least those who have been here a while), and has had the great benefit of assisting and learning from the most incredible real estate professionals, participating in well over 1000 transactions – likely closer to 2000, but who’s counting? Adrienne has learned from the best in the business with mentors in every facet of the industry; experts who have patiently, willingly, and carefully coached and taught Adrienne since she was a teenager on the how, what, where, when, and WHY.

Adrienne’s greatest sense of personal pride and business values are to operate with integrity and honesty above all, including profit. To do the right thing always, especially when no one is looking. And while some have suggested this to be naïve – Adrienne has always believed and seen demonstrated through incredible mentors who have paved the way, that good and honor always prevail.

Adrienne’s strong business sense, experience in the Los Cabos real estate world, and extensive network of the best professionals, makes FINN the brokerage to watch and work with. FINN may be fresh to the market, but we come with unparalleled strength, determination, and expertise – Adrienne was raised in Cabo, and is now raising her two boys in Cabo with husband Seth – this is more than a business, this is home pride, and a legacy.




To know Lew is to know genuine kindness; an exquisite sense of style, a quick mind, and an eagerness to help has made Lew one of the best team players. His excellence in service, his excitement and love for his work, and his care for his clients has propelled him to the top of the Real Estate world in Los Cabos, with 28 million USD in sales to his name in the last year. Lew’s character and work has attracted strong loyalties, and he has become a steady, go-to for all Real Estate matters. When working with a client, Lew is relentless to reach and surpass their needs and expectations, whether it is structuring a complex purchase, or ensuring the best price for his seller, Lew will pull from all areas of expertise to ensure the best outcome.

Lew brings excellence in style and presence to the team – with a keen eye for detail, and incredible ideas – Lew is an essential visionary for FINN. Lew also has a knack for bringing people together. Wildly charismatic and friendly, Lew is our social liaison.

Kenda Ruck



Kenda brings an unparalleled light and energy to the team with vigor and a spark for life – Kenda is sharp and professional; incredibly organized and focused; thoughtful and real. Kenda is on the fast track to being the ultimate Real Estate resource for investors in Los Cabos, with a hunger for knowledge like no other. Kenda regularly attends Real Estate forums and courses, always looking to understand more and make available the ever-evolving tools in our industry for our buyers and sellers. Kenda’s positive and enthusiastic attitude brings an energy to the FINN team to ensure we never rest on our laurels.

Kenda challenges every idea and inspires true excellence in all we do. Kenda is all about processes and efficiency – making FINN a well-oiled machine with all the best tools and technologies in our industry not only available but understood and utilized.

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